About RiboTask

RiboTask is a RNA reagent and development company. The main focus is on the synthesis of LNA-modified RNA and LNA-modified 2’-O-Me-RNA. These products are ideal for knock down, as microRNA-probes (Superior-microRNA-probesTM), and incorporation of LNA in siRNA (siLNA) ensures high biostability and less off-target effect.

RiboTask is also geared to the synthesis of highly complex RNA oligonucleotides, including the incorporation of yet undisclosed modifications.


The founders of RiboTask are Suzy Lena and Jesper Wengel.


Suzy Lena has until recently been responsible for the synthesis of RNA oligonucleotides at the Nucleic Acid Center, University of Southern Denmark. She has broad experience within laboratory management. Suzy Lena is the CEO of RiboTask.








Jesper Wengel is professor and director of the Nucleic Acid Center. He is a co-inventor of LNA (Locked Nucleic Acid), and he has published more than 200 research papers on DNA, RNA and LNA chemistry and biology. Jesper Wengel is the chairman of the board of RiboTask.


RiboTask is a private company owned by the founders.


RiboTask is the first company with a strong focus on synthesis of siLNA (LNA-modified RNA), which is an expanding product. Such siLNA oligonucleotides are enzymatically stable, bind very strongly towards complementary RNA, and are very useful for siRNA- and micro-RNA-related research.


Unique RiboTask products include Superior-microRNA-probes™ that display even stronger binding to complementary RNA than the corresponding LNA-modified DNA oligos. These probes are constructed as LNA-modified 2’-O-Me-RNA oligos = LNA-modified antagomirs, and are the molecules of choice for microRNA research.


In addition, RiboTask offers unmodified RNA oligonucleotides in 0.2µmol - 100mg scale of high quality and fair pricing.



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