Design of siLNA


siLNA constructs are very efficient in mediating sequence specific gene silencing (see Western Blot below). LNA nucleotides in the 3’-ends induce strong biostability and incorporation of 1-5 isolated LNA nucleotides in the sense strand lead to further biostability and significantly reduced off-target effects.


                 100 nM siRNA       siLNA  sisiLNA    
 mock  186   187    189    188   188   188   sictr

In the reporter assay in Cos7 cells expressing GFP fused to 5’UTR of CVB-3, LNA-modified siRNA (siLNA-188), as well as sisiLNA-188 have significantly better silencing activity than unmodified siRNA-188 at concentration 100 nM (Dr. Jens Kurreck and Mariola Dutkiewicz, Freie Universität Berlin, Research in progress).


Self-hybridisation is strong. Due to the strong LNA:LNA base pairing it is important to design LNA-modified oligonucleotides with a minimum of self-complementary segments.

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