LNA Applications

LNA is broadly applicable as an enhancing or even enabling technology within biotechnology, molecular biology research and drug development.


LNA oligonucleotides and siLNA duplexes can be transfected into cells using standard reagents and have been shown to predictably mediate gene silencing as single stranded antisense agents. Animal studies have confirmed the potency of single stranded antisense LNA oligonucleotides and siLNA duplexes for gene silencing applications. Single stranded LNA antisense molecules are in clinical trails as anticancer agents (see http://www.santaris.com).


siLNA (LNA-modified siRNA) duplexes mediate potent gene silencing in cells and in vivo, and incorporation of LNA monomers not only induces high biostability but also reduces the number of off-target effects.


The use of LNA oligonucleotides enables targeting of structured RNA motifs, and LNA oligonucleotides are highly efficient microRNA-targeting probes.


Incorporation of LNA monomers into the binding arms of DNAzymes potentiate RNA product cleavage when compared to the unmodified DNAzymes.


Other LNA applications are as probes and signalling molecules within biotechnology. Medically relevant single nucleotide polymorphisms can thus be analysed efficiently using LNA probes in solution (homogeneous assays) or array (heterogeneous) formats. Furthermore have LNA probes been demonstrated to enhance the sensitivity of FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) and to improve RNA capture technologies. 

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