How to order

If you would like to order - please send an email to specifying your order (oligoname, sequence 5'-3', scale, modification) as well as your shipping and billing address, and any other information which might be required like PO number, VAT number etc.

If you are interested in pricing of your RNA oligonucleotide - just send an E-mail to specifying your request (oligoname, sequence 5'-3', scale, modification).


You can also send the order by e-mail to:


Within 24 hours you will obtain a quotation by E-mail.


You are also welcome to send us an E-mail regarding questions on the design of the following oligonucleotides:



UsiRNA-constructs (UNA modified RNA oligonucleotides)
LNA-modified RNA oligonucleotides
LNA-modified 2'-O-Me-RNA oligonucleotides
Custom specific oligonucleotides

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