RiboTask siLNA, sisiLNA and Superior-microRNA-probes™ are for research only.

LEGAL: "Locked-nucleic Acids (LNAs) are protected by European Patent Publication No. 1013661, United States Patent No. 6,268,490 and other applications and patents owned by Exiqon A/S. Products are provided by RiboTask ApS to buyers for research use only. The products in their original or any modified form may be used only for the buyer's internal research purposes and not for commercial, diagnostic, clinical, therapeutic, or other use, including use in humans. The buyer may not provide products to third parties in their original or any modified form. The purchase of products does not include or carry an implied right or license for the buyer to use such products in their original or any modified form for commercial use, including contract research or in the provision of services to third parties and a license must be obtained directly from Exiqon A/S for such uses.”

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