UNA oligonucleotides

RiboTask offers UNA containing DNA and RNA oligonucleotides in scales between 0.05 and 10 micro moles. UNA containing oligonucleotides are handled and stored as standard oligonucleotides.


UNA improves siRNA gene silencing


UNA monomers are very useful to improve siRNA mediated gene silencing in cell cultures or in vivo. In the EU-FP6 project RIGHT, we and our partners have found the following key characteristics of UNA modified siRNAs:

  • One or two UNA monomers in the 3’-overhangs stabilize towards degradation by nucleases
  • One UNA monomer positioned in the antisense strand leads to very potent gene silencing
  • One UNA monomer in position 6 or 7 in the antisense strand alleviates miRNA-type off-target effects
  • UNA monomers in the antisense strand can be combined with other modifications in the overhangs or in other positions in the two strands

RiboTask offers advice on the design of UNA modified oligonucleotides and siRNA constructs. Please contact info@ribotask.com – also for pricing information.

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