Nucleic Acid Technologies

Services and Consulting related to Nucleic Acid Technologies

  • Chemistry – Nucleotides, Modifications and Oligomers
  • Design – Antisense, siRNA, miRNA etc.
  • Novel RNA technologies
  • Therapeutics and Diagnostics
  • IP and Patents

Professor Jesper Wengel

The chairman and CSO or RiboTask, Jesper Wengel, is professor of bioorganic chemistry at the University of Southern Denmark and Director of the Biomolecular Nanoscale Engineering Center, a research center of excellence focused on nucleic acid chemical biology. He is the co-inventor of LNA (locked nucleic acid) and UNA (unlocked nucleic acid), and he is co-founder of RiboTask, a biotech company focused on novel RNA technologies for gene silencing. He has published more than 400 research papers in international journals.

Professor Jesper Wengel
+45 20846872